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Getting Started

This documentation centre serves as an entry point for finleap connect API's. The site is build around:

  • Financial APIs providing a high-level sets of functions to enhance the data obtained via AIS/PIS information sets.
  • Guides, describing in simple steps how to use specific API groups. The examplary code is provided as CURL calls.
  • Glossary, listing the definitions of useful terms used through the APIs and guidelines.

Plug and Play Micro Product APIs

finleap connect provides a wide range of Product APIs to help you build your own financial products and achieve a faster and more efficient go-to-market.

Compliance as a Service

Applying for compliance licences is a burden. finleap connect makes being compliant that much easier with our PSD2 and GDPR as a Service solution.

Providing High Standards of Security with minimal effort

finleap connect offers the highest standards of security for your products without any additional effort. Start using finleap connect "Identity and Access Management", "Monitoring", "Auditing" APIs today.

Integrate the Best-of-Breed Trusted Integration Partners

The finleap connect API platform provides one-click integrations with various services such as FinTech, marketing, CRM and sales tools. Our Integration Marketplace helps you save time from building, maintaining and auditing 3rd party API integrations.